5th Battalion 45th Regiment
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Equipment, Uniform and Weapon Loadout SOP Empty Equipment, Uniform and Weapon Loadout SOP

Mon Jul 05, 2021 3:36 pm
***This topic is currently under evaluation and subject to change or removal***
**Nothing in this topic is SOP. Topic is currently for reference purposes only**

As a member of NATO forces, 5-45 has access to most NATO weaponry and equipment.

Grenadiers will substitute handheld grenades for 40mm grenades
Engineers are the only units authorized to carry mines and other explosives. See Engineer SOP for further information.

P07 9mm.
4-Five .45.

Primary Firearms:
MX 6.5mm. Standard issue infantry weapon.
MXC 6.5mm. Alternate light-weight carbine version for CQC and vehicle crews.

MX 3GL. Grenadier version with underbarrel launcher.

MX SW. Automatic Rifle version for AR Infantry. It is capable of loading standard 30rd STANAG mags if the 100rd mags are not available.

MXM. Standard issue DMR for snipers.
MK18 ABR. Alternate DMR with a heavier hitting 7.62mm round for armored troops or light vehicles.

MAAWS. Standard issue anti-vehicle weapon. Only used when tanks or other heavily armored vehicles are not expected.
PCML. Used only when no other anti-vehicle weapon is available.
Titan Compact. Used when tanks or other heavily armored vehicles are expected.
Titan Launcher. Only used when Anti-air capability is required.

Ballistic Vests:
Carrier Lite. With lvl III armor, this vest is usually only used when speed and silence is of essence.
Carrier Rig. Standard issue vest with lvl IV armor.
Carrier GL Rig. Used in place of the Carrier Rig when IEDs, mines or other explosives are suspected.
Carrier Special. Heaviest armor, used only when encountering tanks or infantry are being inserted by vehicle.
Chest Rig. Worn only during training missions.
Rangemaster belt. Worn by instructors/trainers during training missions.

Light Combat Helmet. Used only when Carrier Lite Vest is being used.
Combat Helmet. Standard issue helmet.
Enhanced Combat Helmet. Used only when using Carrier Special Vest.
Beret. Worn by soldiers during bootcamp graduation. Specialty colored ones may be worn by special operations or ranger infantry.
Parade hat. Worn for ceremonies.
Military cap. Can be worn for training.
Booniehat. Worn by Lieutenants (O-1) or higher during training missions.
Cap. Worn by instructors/trainers on training missions.

Assault Pack. Lightest ruck. Used when weight and speed are of essence. May not be able to fit full load.
Field Pack. Standard issue ruck.
Tactical Backpack. Used when mission essential loadout will not fit in a Field Pack.
Carryall. Used only for by support units for carrying extra ammo or equipment.

Combat Fatigues. Standard issue uniform.
Tee variant. Can only be worn during training.
Parade uniform. Worn for ceromonies only.
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