5th Battalion 45th Regiment
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Special Unit and Vehicle Deployment SOP. Empty Special Unit and Vehicle Deployment SOP.

Mon Jul 05, 2021 6:56 pm
***Currently under evaluation. NOT considered SOP at this time***
Engineers can be attached to an infantry fireteam as needed. Most engineers will function as crewmen for vehicles/tanks.

EOD can be attached to an infantry fireteam as needed. Most EOD will operate as a team of 2-4 with an MRAP.

Anti-tank rifleman will be attached to infantry fireteams as needed. Will operate as a standard combat rifleman unless contact with an armored unit is made.

Mortar teams are a 3 man team. 1 carries the bipod, 1 carries the mortar tube, and the 3rd acts as an ammo carrier.

Snipers are deployed in teams of 2. One will act as spotter whenever engagement range exceeds 1000m.

Special Forces and Special Operations teams will be formed, deployed and armed per OPORD. (not currently implemented)

Ranger Units will be deployed and armed per Ranger SOP. (not currently implemented)

Airborne Units will deploy at a squad level or higher. Equipment will be per Airborne SOP. (not currently implemented)

All convoys will consist of 1 armed vehicle for every 3 unarmored vehicles. (can be overridden by CO or ground-commander on a case-by-case basis)
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