5th Battalion 45th Regiment
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Unit SOP Communicating by Color. Empty Unit SOP Communicating by Color.

Thu Feb 17, 2022 2:06 pm
Whether using smoke or paint in the daytime or using lights at night, here is the unit SOP for communicating with color.

White - no signal given. i.e. use white smoke for cover/concealment. White lights are used for navigation/illumination.
Blue- Friendlies are here. Hold fire/check your targets. Often used when calling in CAS to avoid friendly fire.
Red- Enemies are here or in this area. Often used to call in CAS.
Green- marks any kind of friendly installation or base. Green smoke can be used to call in medevac if there are multiple medevac requests in the AO.
Yellow- standard color to call for extraction. usually used for medevac.
Orange- swappable with Yellow. Often used when multiple squads are operating in the same AO.
Purple- Other. For any situation not covered by any other color.

IR does not have any color options, so it is used for IFF only. DO NOT use IR to indicate hostile positions.
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