5th Battalion 45th Regiment
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Welcome to 5th Battalion Empty Welcome to 5th Battalion

Thu Dec 10, 2020 11:43 am
Welcome Desert Eagles,
If your entry has just been accepted, you will be participating in Gold Phase training. This will be an introductory phase, which will be the emphasis during your initial drills. Make sure to check the calendar or contact any members of the Recruitment program to get a date for your first drill.
Show up on time, and prepared to demonstrate your current skills. All trials during first drills are limited to 2 attempts, unless the training officer deems a 3rd attempt is proper due to conditions out of your control.
If you fail to pass a drill, you will be required to take further training or retraining before attempting the drill again.

After passing your initial drills, you will be assigned a position and rank. If you have interest in a specific MOS, please notify the training officer or any member of the Recruitment program.
Be aware that you may be required to take further training before earning an MOS qualification.

If you have been recruited into Officer Training, you will also be required to attend leadership training before taking your assigned position.

My Battalion is committed to your success, let us help you be trained and proficient Warriors.

-Maj WaspIV
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